Programmes & Facilities: Coverholder/MGA Specialists

At Oneglobal our goal is to understand our clients’ needs.



To do so our Coverholder philosophy must go beyond the standard broking approach, to build lasting and profitable relationships.

We work with our Coverholders to promote and establish their expertise in the field of their chosen Insurance capabilities.  Our role is to act as your close/chosen advisor and broker, working with you to develop your business portfolio and market reputation, be it London or worldwide.



Strategic planning is the key to success, from the placement with markets to development of long term relationships that recognise your Coverholder capabilities. Strong management and services are required from technical, compliance, regulatory and claims services that are integral to this success through the in-house expertise within Oneglobal and our proven delivery to clients.



We understand that every Coverholder is different. Our team of specialists communicate and coordinate to develop bespoke solutions structured to each client’s needs.  Our carrier partners are Lloyds, the London company and US domestic markets that provide capacity and expertise to meet the individual requirements of each Coverholder.

Whether you are in start-up mode, or an established Coverholder in need of support with your binding authority contract placement, or to navigate the everchanging world of compliance and regulation we are open to act on a consultative basis at no cost in assisting your journey to successful Coverholder status and placement.



As a proven Broker with circa 100 years of cumulative experience ranging from 2 years to 45 years’ service, we have a strength in depth unrivalled in the market.

We know through the journey of time that there are highs and lows in maintaining binding authority contracts. At Oneglobal we have an unrivalled track record as the Coverholder’s advocate and strategic partner.

The proof of this is within our client base of core Coverholder partners outlined as described below, along with examples of specialist lines written.


Client Tenure Specialist classes
Virginia based MGA 30 year client Pension Actuaries, Legal services, Misc. Med.
Texas based MGA 25 year client Employment Practices, Miscellaneous E&O, Vineyard coverage, Foodborne Illness, Product Recall.
Chicago based MGA 10 year client Allied Medical, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living.
N Jersey based MGA 3 year client Active Shooter.
Texas based MGA 2 year client Miscellaneous E&O, Commercial General liability, Excess E&O/GL Capabilities.
Florida based MGA 1 year client Accident & Health and Commercial General liability.


David Hall

Executive Director


Kieron Russell

Senior Partner


Justin Maroy




Bertie Cavalier Tej




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