Oneglobal’s marine cargo brokers have been in the business for more than 40 years. With the movement of goods across the world increasingly integrated and fast moving, Oneglobal leverages its extensive expertise and deep sector knowledge to deliver comprehensive insurance solutions for direct clients and brokers Worldwide.

Whether they are a small, or medium brokers or one of the largest, our wholesale producers understand and care about their clients’ business. Our direct clients represent the full spectrum of international importers and exporters. Oneglobal’s mission is to help them obtain the best possible coverage available in the market.

Businesses that import and export goods cover most sectors of the economy. From the raw materials that manufacturers require to make anything from paper clips to high spec medical equipment and everything else in between, they all need security and insurance cover for goods in transit across the globe.

The risks are complex. Natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires are significant perils. While everything from accidents and oil spillages, to dented or scratched white goods and warped timber are just some of the problems that goods can face while on the move.

We arrange comprehensive cargo cover for a huge range of enterprises, going beyond a simple standard cargo offering – although if that’s what’s needed, we offer that too – and deliver end to end cover along the whole transportation process. This includes long-term storage across the transportation chain from raw materials to the manufacturer, and the final transfer to distribution and retailers, via a stock throughput policy.

By bringing this business to Lloyd’s, Oneglobal leverages its relationships in the market to ensure that difficult or higher limit risks can be placed.


Including but not limited to:

  • Air spares distribution
  • APD (Auto Physical damage) North America
  • Bulk cargo – guaranteed outturn
  • Food stuffs / wines and spirits
  • Forestry / lumber
  • Grains & seeds
  • Hi-tech industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil, gas and minerals
  • Ores
  • Stock throughput policies
  • Transportation / logistics / warehousekeepers liability.
  • Wholesale distribution / importers / exporters

Effective insurance to cover goods in transit gives business confidence that they can ship goods across the globe knowing they are covered from start to finish of the process.

This allows a vital link in the globalised economy to effectively function and consumers, businesses and governments can continue to get the goods they need, on time whenever they need them.

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