Jewellery & Specie

Oneglobal specialises in advising on the high value products found in the jewellery and specie sectors.

Our client base is made up of a varied group of organisations and people with risk profiles unique to themselves and the valuables they are responsible for. They include but are not exclusive to museums, high net worth individuals, jewellers and armoured car companies.

Valuable items have always been subject to crime and theft is perhaps the most significant risk our clients face. However, accidental damage and fire remain ever present threats. As the world moves to digital assets clients also need responsive insurance solutions to protect them.

We understand these growing and fast changing industries and their sophisticated client base, and we design individual solutions that are flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Risks are expertly evaluated and innovative insurance solutions to address and anticipate them are created.



  • Retail jewellery stores including pawnbrokers
  • Wholesale and manufacturing jewellery industry
  • Jewellery exhibitions including transits
  • Private jewellery collections
  • Diamond cutting risks
  • Jewellery Associations
  • Jewellery Binding Groups
  • Jewellery Guilds


  • Armoured car companies
  • ATMs
  • Cash and securities in transit
  • Cheque cashers
  • Courier companies

Beautiful, valuable things are at the core of human experience. By insuring them in an effective manner they can continue to be seen, worn, visited and kept safe. For the benefit for everyone.

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Senior Associate – Client Services




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Associate – Client Services




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