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Employee benefits has never been more important. The global pandemic has completely shifted what employees expect from the business they work for, putting employee benefits right under the limelight.


The S in ESG has also placed employee welfare right at the top of the boardroom agenda. Businesses are under pressure to prove they’re a socially responsible employer and creating a culture that’s always putting their people first. So the employee benefits package they offer will inevitably play a big role behind how they’re judged.


Our employee benefits team in Singapore can help. They bring together decades of experience in the industry and have been helping clients of all shapes and sizes build happier and healthier teams of workers all over the region.

Get a programme tailored to what you need

Our people and their past experience are our best weapon. They give us a stronger hold on the products and services out there, and allow us to build programmes that are more suited to the client.

For example, some of our team members last worked for an insurer and medical provider. Which is great for two reasons. We get a full view of the types of services in that area, but we also know which of those services clients we’re prioritising. It’s a level of insider knowledge that means if you come to us with an issue that’s more nuanced than normal, we’ve got several solutions ready to help.

It could be a mental resilience programme to help employees cope better with everyday stresses and boost their productivity. Or maybe talks on lifestyle behaviours that help them get a hold on smoking or other unhealthy habits.

Whatever the issue might be, there’s not much our team hasn’t seen before, and we’ll make sure you walk away with a programme that’s tailored and gives your employees meaningful benefits and support.


Let us manage the complex employee benefit ecosystem for you

There are a number of people and businesses involved in bringing together an employee benefit programme. From insurers to brokers to medical providers. Then you’ve got all your technology providers to consider, like data analytics, wellbeing apps, and insurance portals. That’s not to mention your own internal stakeholders you’ve got to consult with and manage expectations for throughout the process.

We’ve been through this process many times before, so we can take away a lot of the stress from HR in coordinating all of the different stages and people involved. They can turn their attention to back to helping your workers, while we can get everything set up in the background.


Use onboarding to show the value in your benefits

Most of our clients are now working with a hybrid working model in the region. Employees are working from home two or three days a week, which means employers are looking to the best technology solutions out there to keep their mobile workers connected.

Again, we can take away those HR headaches and make sure all of your people are set up on their insurance portal, so they can get a clear view on what their insured, uninsured and flex benefits look like. And if there’s anything they don’t understand, they can always contact a member of our team and we can help them get to the bottom of it.

That thorough onboarding support allows your employees to understand the true value in their benefits programme and see they’ve got an employer that cares about them.


Count on claims support and advocacy for your employees

We’re always there to give advice and advocate for employees when they need to make a claim, especially for those situations that are more serious and complex. If something happens that’s going to alter an employee’s standard of living, for instance, we can help them assess their options and make informed decisions about their treatment.

Alongside our medical care provider in the region, we hold that person’s hand through the whole process, helping them navigate those key issues. Including whether to choose government-funded or private healthcare, what that choice means for their long-term treatment, what costs their insurance covers, and how much they stand to pay once their insurance limits are exceeded.

We know the choices people have to make when events like this happen are so critical, and we’ll be there to help in any way we can.


Speak to the team about your employee benefits programme

Our team have designed programmes for corporate clients across a diverse set of industries, including tech, education, utilities, government, hospitality, shipping, logistics, oil and gas and much more.

If you want to hear more from the team and what we can do for you, get in touch with Jessie Leow below.

Jessie Leow
Head of Employee Benefits

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